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Sato Pathway Earns Gold Certification

Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science’s biomedical engineering pathway is the latest to earn Gold Certification from the Linked Learning Alliance.

Following a Linked Learning Silver Certification in 2021, the latest Gold honor validates that key components of a specialized academic and career pathway are in place. The certification is the Linked Learning field’s highest standard for college and career preparation, which is based on a series of standards identified by leaders in the Linked Learning field.

Linked Learning pathways integrate rigorous academics with technical coursework that is relevant to the needs of local employers. The pathways offer students work-based learning experiences aligned with their classes and provide support services to help students graduate ready for entry into college and career. 

The Linked Learning approach, piloted in nine California districts more than a decade ago, is now embraced as the high school strategy for a growing number of districts across the state. Today, Linked Learning is working in more than 100 California school districts, with 550 pathways operating in 225 high schools. The approach is also taking hold in 20 other states.

This summer, four additional LBUSD pathways also earned Silver certifications from the Linked Learning Alliance. Those pathways include the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS), the Health and Medical pathway at McBride High School, and the School of Leadership and Public Service and School of Medicine and Biotechnology pathways at Wilson High School.

LBUSD is home to some of the first Gold certified pathways in the nation, including the Academy of Law and Justice at Cabrillo High School, and two pathways at McBride High School: the Engineering pathway and the Criminal Justice and Investigation pathway. 

Several other LBUSD pathways have earned Silver designations in the past: the Academy of Global Logistics (AGL), Cabrillo Engineering and Design (CED), and the Specialized Academy of Computer Media, Arts and Animation (SACMAA) at Cabrillo High School; the Media and Communication (JMAC), and Law, Emergency and Public Services (LEAPS) pathways at Jordan High School; and CAMS.

“Congratulations to the educators, students and partners of LBUSD for successfully building meaningful relationships and student experiences resulting in high-quality college and career outcomes for young people,” said Anne B. Stanton, President of the Linked Learning Alliance. 

The Linked Learning Alliance is a statewide coalition of education, industry and community organizations. Research shows that Linked Learning benefits students in urban, rural and suburban settings. When compared with their peers in traditional high schools, students in Linked Learning pathways complete more college preparatory courses and are more likely to graduate.

GOLD CERTIFIED – Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science’s biomedical engineering pathway offers work-based learning experiences to help students graduate ready for entry into college and career.