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Poly Senior Wins International Eco Award

Poly High School senior Diana Michaelson was recently named as one of 16 young environmental activists from across the globe to receive a 2022 International Young Eco-Hero Award from the nonprofit Action for Nature (AFN). 

Michaelson earned the new Shimon Schwarzschild Award for her role in founding the Long Beach Green Schools Campaign which resulted in the Long Beach Unified School District’s adoption of a board policy setting specific goals for limiting greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. 

The annual Eco-Hero Awards honor young activists ages 8 to 16 who are taking crucial steps to solve tough environmental problems in their communities. Winners are selected by a panel of independent judges, including experts in environmental science, biology and education.

“Young people like Diana have shown that the next generation of leaders is here, and they are taking action across the globe now to address the climate crisis and solve local, national and global environmental challenges,” said Beryl Kay, President of AFN. “The projects that young people like Diana have created are having real and important impacts on their communities, helping to solve global climate challenges and are inspiring others – including adults – to do what they can to help.” 

Since 2003, AFN has recognized more than 341 Eco-Heroes from over 31 countries and 26 U.S. states.

“I want my kids to one day experience the magic of nature and the tide pools like I did. I want them to watch the crabs skitter across the rocks and see the sea slugs grazing for bits of algae. And the only way they will ever be able to see this is if we take action now,” Michaelson shared.

AFN is an international nonprofit organization that encourages young people to nurture a love and respect for the Earth and to take personal action to improve the environment. To learn more about this year’s winners, visit

Diana Michaelson