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Lakewood Invites You to Give Blood

High school students, parents, employees and residents of the Long Beach Unified School District are invited to roll up their sleeves to help Lakewood High School have the largest high school Red Cross blood drive in history. The drive will be held Thursday, May 22, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. To schedule a time to donate, call (888) 546-5272. The school hopes to break the world record and help Memorial Day weekend accident victims and military personnel now serving in Iraq and others who need transfusions. Lakewood set the record for a high school blood drive last year. Plano High School near Dallas later nudged them out of first place. “We’re determined to get 1,000 pints this year,” said Joel Ward, activities specialist at Lakewood High School. “Red Cross supplies are dwindling. The need has never been greater.” School groups who would like to donate are encouraged to call him at ext. 3382.