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Eighth Graders Earn College Scholarships

Five eighth graders have each earned $500 scholarships from the Lyman W. and Nancy E. Lough Eighth Grade Scholarship Fund. The awards go to students with average grades (2.0 to 2.9 GPA), good citizenship and a potential for future success. The winners traditionally are students who beat the odds by learning despite tough circumstances, such as a disability, a difficult home life or other challenge. The winners and their schools are: Carmen Rose Parker, Bancroft; Markeith Jackson, Cubberley; Cynthia Tapia, Hamilton; Jay McGill, Hoover; and Mark Powell, Stephens. Each winner receives a plaque, and a scholarship check is presented upon enrollment in trade school or college. The scholarships in escrow started after the Loughs provided funds 11 years ago. Any Long Beach Unified school with eighth graders can nominate one student. Each year, five winners are selected from a group of 20 finalists, each of whom receives an engraved plaque. Individuals and corporations who would like to sponsor a scholarship in escrow may do so for only $100 per year. The money is earmarked for a deserving eighth grader, with $100 per year added during each year in high school for a total of $500. As part of the Lough Awards, an additional $180-per-year scholarship from the Frangesch Memorial Fund went to student Elizabeth Rodriguez of Robinson. The fund was established in 1998 in memory of John Frangesch, a popular LBUSD elementary school principal who died shortly after his retirement. To contribute to either fund, call the Long Beach Education Foundation at 997-8054.