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L.B. Schools Lead State in Title I Excellence

"The recent announcement naming 115 Title I Achieving Schools in California revealed the successes of at least four districts that have a high proportion of impoverished students: Alhambra City Elementary, Garden Grove Unified, Long Beach Unified and the small Enterprise Elementary district in Shasta County. "The criteria to be among the 2003 Title I Achieving Schools in California include a 2002 school year Academic Performance Index score of 675 or higher, a poverty indicator of at least 50 percent, achievement of the school’s API growth targets in 2000, 2001 and 2002 years and double the API growth target for both the total school population and the socio-economically disadvantaged sub-group for two of the three years. "Long Beach Unified, which is the third largest district in the state, had seven schools that were among the top 115, giving it an achievement proportion well ahead of other large districts in the state. San Diego, number two in size at 141,600, had three schools on the list; Fresno Unified, fourth largest with 81,000 students, had no schools on the list, and Santa Ana Unified, fifth largest with 61,900 students, had no schools that qualified." --from the Education Beat Newsletter, Sacramento