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Measure A Adds Classrooms

Measure A school bonds so far have built new schools and classrooms for more than 10,350 students. New schools for another 4,350 students are scheduled to be built in the years immediately ahead. Most of this construction allows thousands of students to attend school closer to home, no longer having to ride the bus. Schools where Measure A built new classrooms and their increased student capacity are Cabrillo, 3,750; Edison, 250; Franklin, 400; International, 800; Jordan Annex, 1,200; Lee, 250; Lincoln, 200; Monroe, 350; Powell, 1,500; Sutter, 450; Tincher, 450; and Wilson, 750; for a total of 10,350. New schools funded by Measure A that are under construction or planned for the immediate future and their student capacity are Broadway & Golden Site, 850; Browning, 1,450; Dooley’s Site, 1,200; and GTE Site, 850; for a total of 4,350.