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Leaders Say What The Broad Prize Means

"Long Beach is a model for the nation, and other school systems can learn from you. I congratulate the teachers, parents, administrators and community leaders for your success and your innovation. I want to congratulate the true winners, the students of Long Beach. Your school district is a great example of what is right in public education...We want you to share your best management practices and instructional practices with other school districts." - Eli Broad, Founder of The Broad Foundation "The raising of student achievement is a direct result of the our teachers' hard work. No one believes more than our teachers that all children can learn. They not only believe it. They make it happen." - Tony Diaz, TALB President "I want to thank Mr. Broad for this great honor. We work together for the common good, and that is student achievement. We work as a team." - Val Pharr, CSEA President "It is a Nobel Prize. It is a Pulitzer Prize. Eli Broad is a visionary, and when you talk about putting your money where your mouth is, there's no greater American than Eli Broad...For what you've accomplished in Long Beach--to be able to say you represent the best urban school district in the United States of America--congratulations to all of you." - L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe "Mayors know that if you don't have a great school district, nobody's going to come to town. Nobody's going to buy a house. Education is an economic development issue... Higher achievement comes from caring, and everybody knows that Superintendent Chris Steinhauser and former superintendent Carl Cohn care deeply...You can measure achievement, but you can't measure caring. You cannot improve achievement without caring...One of the most sought after things in your life is to be able to make a difference. With what you have done and what your students have achieved, you have made a difference and added meaning to your lives." - Beverly O'Neill, Long Beach Mayor "Long Beach is paving the way toward closing the achievement gap. Ninety-nine percent of schools here met state academic growth targets, compared to 72 percent statewide. You are in the forefront...To the business community, I urge you to remain engaged and involved. Clearly you are making a difference." - Jack O'Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction "I'm pretty jealous today. I wish Los Angeles was getting the $500,000 check." - Richard Riordan, former Los Angeles mayor "The real estate value in Long Beach just went up again... I commend our principals for a day for finding out what a difficult job it is to run our public schools." - Charles Reed, Chancellor of the California State University system "Thank you, Mr. Broad, for confirming what we in the business world already know - that Long Beach is the best place to be in school." - Steve Chesser, Chair of Principal for a Day "Being able to attract business leaders to a community is really key. The one thing they always look at, before they even look at a house, is, 'What's the school system look like? What kind of education are my children going to get?' As I was serving as a principal for the day at Millikan, I saw a sign in the window as I was leaving. It said, 'Dream like you'll live forever and live today like there's no tomorrow.' Our obligation to our kids is to help them live their dreams, and the time to do it is now, because any other time is too late." - Dave Neary, Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce