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10 Years of Uniforms in LBUSD

A controversial, far-reaching decision to set higher standards here was made by a courageous school board 10 years ago. On January 18, 1994, the Board of Education of the Long Beach Unified School District made international news when it voted to require school uniforms in all elementary and middle schools. That decision continues to have impact upon thousands of students in America’s best urban school district and throughout the U.S. Today, school uniforms have expanded beyond K-8, with two high schools now choosing them. Wilson Classical High School phased in uniforms over four years. Millikan High School is now in a similar phase-in. Last Saturday, Millikan attracted record attendance at a meeting of parents interested in enrolling their students. Since the decision to switch to uniforms, Millikan has received more than twice the number of applicants as it can accommodate as incoming freshmen, and Wilson has more applicants every year.