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Boeing, Foundation Give Millikan $50,000

The Long Beach Education Foundation recently received a Crystal Vision Award from the Boeing Company. The prize included $50,000 to be used for Millikan High School’s popular PEACE Academy. The award is issued for "new and innovative programs that will significantly improve services, provide greater diversity and enable agencies to be more effective." The PEACE Academy helps college-bound students become competitive in a diverse world and global economy. The cash award will be used for additional teacher training, expansion of curriculum, and implementation of mentoring and community service components. PEACE stands for Personal success through Empowerment, Academic achievement, Conflict resolution, and Ethics. The academy was started by teachers in 2001 as a smaller learning community emphasizing global economics, negotiation and government. The PEACE Academy also gained recent recognition when Millikan teacher Nader Twal received a $25,000 surprise award from the Milken Family Foundation during an all-school assembly. Twal helped to design and implement the academy. Dubbed the "Oscars of Teaching" by Teacher Magazine, the Milken National Educator Awards recognize America’s best teachers. The Long Beach Education Foundation has partnered with Boeing on several school district efforts. Boeing invited the Foundation to nominate one of its Boeing-sponsored programs for the Crystal Vision Award. The Foundation is a non-profit fundraising organization for the school district, providing teacher grants, school uniforms, musical instruments, student scholarships and other vital assistance.