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Legislators Laud District’s Excellence

Lawmakers in session in Sacramento congratulated the Long Beach Unified School District this week for winning the $500,000 national Broad Prize for Urban Education. Superintendent of Schools Chris Steinhauser accepted a proclamation from the Legislature honoring the district for being named America’s best urban school system. The school district was applauded by members in both the state Assembly and Senate. "On behalf of our Board of Education, our teachers, principals, parents and students, I’d like to thank the Senate and Assembly for giving us this honor," Steinhauser said at the Capitol. "We know that the challenge ahead of us is to make sure every student succeeds. We’re very proud of our accomplishments, and very proud of your support." During her presentation, State Senator Betty Karnette quoted philanthropist Eli Broad: "Your district is leading the nation in overall student achievement while closing achievement gaps. No other Broad Prize finalist reduced ethnic and income-based achievement gaps in as many categories as Long Beach."