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Half Million Dollars Awarded to Broad Scholars

The Broad Foundation this week awarded 55 Long Beach Unified School District seniors $500,000 in scholarships as Broad Prize Scholars. They are the beneficiaries of the district last fall winning the Broad Prize for Urban Education, given to the nation’s outstanding large urban school district. "We are elated by this generous investment in these 55 inspiring scholars," said Superintendent Chris Steinhauser. "They are the true winners of the Broad Prize. Some will be the first members of their families to attend college. All deserve this wonderful support for excelling academically and overcoming daunting obstacles. Thanks to the Broad Foundation, they have a far brighter future." Broad Prize Scholars are chosen through a unique selection process that identifies students often overlooked in traditional scholarship programs. Students are selected based on a demonstrated track record of academic improvement that exceeds the average rate of improvement of their peers, as well as on financial need. "These students prove that if our educational system does its job, the students can do theirs," said Eli Broad, founder of The Broad Foundation. The Long Beach Unified School District was recognized as the nation’s best large urban school system for raising achievement for students from all walks of life, and for breaking through language and income barriers to give all children their best chance at success. LBUSD Broad Prize Scholars include Eboni Bennett, Christine Kang, Elieth Martinez, Xavier Monraz, Antoinette Smith and Chidinma Ume, California Academy of Mathematics and Science; Gabriela Aguilar, Todd Allen, Reba Castaneda, Steve Eat, Alejandro Flores, Renato Guevara, Mayra Hernandez, Myisha Jackson, Marvin Kong, Sierra Nelson, Christopher Nguyen, Yolanda Noeung and Rafael Santiesteban, Jordan; Darinel Chheng and Michellemae Tandoc, Cabrillo; Alexander Brown, Cheryl Huynh, Julia Ledesma, Jenny Lun, Nikki Mashita, Ofelia Ramos, Setha Sorm and Laura Zavala, Lakewood; Monica Aguilar, Bounlay Bounleuth, James Carter, Cindy Chan, Bopha Chhun, Emily Cook, Christine Dao, Tervere Jones, Joseph Mejia, Vy Nguyen, Mayra Perez, Patricia Perez, Javier Rodriguez, Tracey Romero, Victoria Tate and Rath Yem, Poly; Andres Villalobos, Renaissance; Ana Barajas, Sothea Ouch, Christina Ung and Christina Virosteck, Millikan; and Lauren Lewis, Charlay Sims, Milka Stakic, Jennifer Williamson and Aleksandra Wojtalewicz, Wilson.