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High Schools to Require Computer Literacy

The information highway has become more important than the interstate highway. Starting with freshmen entering Long Beach Unified School District high schools this fall, students will be required to take a course in computer literacy or pass a computer literacy test. They will no longer be required to take driver education in order to graduate from high school. They can still take driver education as an elective if they wish. Other changes in high school graduation requirements approved by the Board of Education at its recent meeting include replacing a one quarter freshman course in career guidance with more personalized and effective services from high school counselors to assist with college and career preparation. To prepare to meet the California High School Exit Examination writing requirement, students will no longer have to complete a written junior thesis, but will instead need to complete substantial research papers in eighth grade and 11th grade U.S. history courses. Success in college and careers now requires computer literacy. Many districts are adding a technology graduation requirement, including San Diego, San Bernardino, San Juan, Torrance, Norwalk-La Mirada, Los Angeles, Capistrano and Los Alamitos. Driver education is not mandated by the state as a graduation requirement. During the past three years, four of the six LBUSD comprehensive high schools have requested waivers of this requirement. Of 20 California districts surveyed, only three still require driver education.