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Workshops Help 1,400 Excel on AP Courses

Hundreds of students new to Advanced Placement courses this fall will get valuable preparation this month to help them make the most of their classes. The three-day AP Summer Bridge will be offered at all LBUSD high schools. It will provide up to 1,400 students a combination of academic preparation for success in Advanced Placement courses, motivation and support to maintain enrollment in these courses. Workshops to help students prepare for their first AP classes will address time and stress management, learning to write in an AP course and reading for an AP course. To orient students to the strategies and skills they will need to develop and apply while taking their first AP courses, each workshop will be broken down into essential subtopics. Activities will include several motivating components including motivational guest speakers, student panels, lunch meetings with AP instructors for informal question and answer sessions, and a visit to UCLA for an all-day outreach presentation and experiential learning seminar.