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AP, Honors Courses Enroll More Students

Enrollment in high school advanced placement and honors classes in the Long Beach Unified School District is increasing rapidly. This fall, local high schools are offering more AP classes than ever before. Students are signing up in record numbers. More than 14,000 of the 26,000 students now attending high school here have completed or are taking one or more AP or honors courses. AP enrollment increased by 1,700 students this year. Enrollment in honors classes increased by 700 students. In some local schools, nearly 40 percent of the students are now taking AP classes--a record high. With the help of the new AP Bridge assistance, first-time AP students are learning how to succeed in challenging AP courses. More students are taking and passing the difficult AP courses and AP exams than ever before to earn college credit while still in high school. As a result, more students are also earning college admission and winning academic scholarships. Last June, members of the Class of 2004 won more than $20 million in academic scholarships, the most earned in any single year during the past decade.