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Grad Check Informs Parents of Progress

Parents have a much better idea of how their high school students are doing and the courses they are taking and need to take. Twice a year, each high school sends home a graduation check printout to parents to help students surmount all the hurdles required to earn a diploma. The report notifies parents of exactly which graduation requirements have been met and which ones must still be completed in order to earn a diploma. These requirements include passing both the language arts and math portions of the California High School Exit Exam, completing the algebra requirement, the writing requirement, subject requirements and total credit requirements. In future years, students must also meet the new community service requirement and new computer literacy requirement. The graduation check also lists which UC entrance requirements and NCAA eligibility requirements students have met or still need to meet. "The bar has been raised and students are rising to the challenge," said Maggie Webster, assistant superintendent, high schools. "We are so pleased that students’ test scores and grad checks are beginning to reflect the outstanding job that they and their teachers and schools are doing to inspire achievement." The Long Beach Unified School District hopes to have the highest pass rate of any large district on the California High School Exit Exam.