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Board Honors First Employees of the Month

Two employees were recognized as the first Long Beach Unified School District Employees of the Month at this week’s Board of Education meeting. The monthly award provides each winner $100 from a private donation to recognize extraordinary service in a particular month. Those earning the award were Rebecca Dennis, teacher and special education department head at Hill Classical Middle School; Jay Holthe, cafeteria supervisor at Emerson Parkside Academy; and Joe Rasch, recently retired director of Maintenance. Rasch will be honored at a future meeting. Dennis coordinated the recent Abilities Awareness Week at Hill where faculty, staff and sixth graders experience what it would be like to be visually impaired, to be in a wheelchair, to be unable to communicate verbally or to have any of six other disabilities. Holthe helped a special needs student make the transition to middle school this year in a simple and effective way. She contacted the cafeteria supervisor at the new school to ensure that the student would continue to earn a cookie for a good week, a reward that created a sense of continuity for the student. Rasch organized donations for Thanksgiving dinner baskets for six needy families of students at Washington Middle School. He has organized numerous holiday donation drives like this in the past. Applications are available from each district site secretary. Applications should describe actions of employees that occurred within the calendar month of the application. Those actions should both directly affect LBUSD students or staff and be above and beyond what is expected of an employee in good standing. Applications must be received by the Employee Relations Office by the last day of the calendar month. For information, call 997-8220.