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Schools Raise Thousands for Tsunami Relief

The recent devastating tsunami in Asia has moved students and staff at schools throughout the Long Beach Unified School District to raise funds for disaster relief. These schools’ ongoing efforts already have raised nearly $20,000. Addams—Students are conducting a Dollar Drive for the tsunami relief fund, with donations to be given to the Red Cross. Bancroft—Proceeds from the Valentine’s Day candy sale and an In-N-Out Burger Lunch will be used to aid tsunami victims. Lunchtime collections are also being made. Barton—A schoolwide penny drive has earned $1,100 for tsunami victims. Bixby—A fundraiser already planned for January and February, intended to raise funds for field trips and school programs, will instead send half of the proceeds to the tsunami victims. Burcham—Collection of pocket change has already amounted to more than $200 and will continue through the month, to be forwarded to UNICEF. Burroughs—Funds raised by the student council will be sent to Fox Channel 11 News, as Fox has committed to matching any funds raised for tsunami relief. Carver—The Dimes for Disaster fundraiser has collected more than $1,500 from students, staff and families. Chavez—The Pennies for Earthquake Survivors drive will continue through the end of the month. Money will be donated to UNICEF. Cleveland—Students, staff, and parents are collecting used paperback and hardback books which will be sold in early February. Proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross. Cubberley—Students are holding a coin drive for the tsunami victims through the end of the month. Gompers—Parents and students have donated more than $1,500. Funds were raised with the promise that school staff would match that amount. Hamilton—Sixth grade students, already studying about tsunamis in science classes, started a fundraiser with proceeds to be donated to the Red Cross. Hill—Students raised more than $1,800 with funds donated to UNICEF. Hoover—Advisory teachers are collecting donations for the school’s Hoover is Changing the World tsunami relief effort. Jefferson—Students, faculty and staff committed to raising at least $500 to help support the tsunami victims. Jordan—A new humanitarian club is organizing a Dollar Day, with every student and staff member asked to give one dollar. Lakewood—Students are sponsoring a tsunami relief coin drive through this week. Longfellow—Student council efforts have exceeded $2,300, with the money to be donated to the Red Cross. Los Cerritos—Fundraising to assist tsunami victims continues through January. MacArthur—Student council and PTA appealed to families. The collection drive continues through this week. Madison—A drive to support Red Cross efforts will be conducted through early February. Marshall—A schoolwide boys vs. girls penny competition is raising funds for the Red Cross. McKinley—Student council members have organized an after-school ice cream sale to raise funds. Millikan—Collections are being accepted in classrooms and offices for an ongoing drive to benefit the Red Cross. Muir—The school’s disaster relief drive, run by the student council, will benefit UNICEF efforts. Poly—Students collected more than $1,500 in less than an hour on the first day of their drive last week. JROTC members also volunteered at Operation USA helping to label items sent to the afflicted area. Renaissance—A fundraiser and student council cookie sale will generate relief funds. Riley—A Dollar Drive to be held next week will benefit the Red Cross. Signal Hill—The student council’s drive for UNICEF will conclude with a schoolwide assembly to announce the total. Stanford—The student council is asking for a dollar donation per pupil to raise at least $1,400 from pupils, and the same from staff members, for another $100 totaling a projected donation of $1,500. Stephens—The student council collected funds for the Red Cross. Tincher—The school community has donated nearly $3,500 dollars toward Red Cross efforts. Twain—Students, staff and families, led by the student council, raised $3,500 for UNICEF. Willard—A collection to benefit Red Cross relief efforts has already netted well over $800 with donations still coming in. Wilson—Students are collecting funds to benefit Red Cross and UNICEF efforts.