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Dowell Selected as Secretary of the Year

Joy Dowell at Madison was named Secretary of the Year by ALBEM, the Association of Long Beach Educational Managers and Confidential Employees. Dowell was chosen for her effectiveness, organization, professional attitude and excellent judgement. Madison principal Geraldine Rescinito recalled a time when two students left the campus without permission. "Joy called district security and the Lakewood Sheriff’s Department to ‘get the ball rolling,’" Rescinito said. "Because of her quick response, the students were located in a relatively short amount of time." Dowell’s qualities of enthusiasm, flexibility, patience and humor were also noted. "She comes to work with a smile on her face, she stays late when necessary and we laugh every single day," said Rescinito. ALBEM also awarded $6,500 in scholarships to deserving high school students. The $500 scholarship winners are Kymada Nichole Cathey, School for Adults; Judith Gallardo, Poly; Zara Kand, EPHS; Bettine Lindsey, Jordan; Melody Lorn, Renaissance; Carlos David Mora, Cabrillo; Maricela Salcido, Millikan; Anne Taylor, Cabrillo; Tin Mai Trung, Lakewood; and Evans Tran, Wilson. Winner of ALBEM’s $1,000 Carl Cohn Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers is Melissa Merrill, Wilson. Winner of the $500 Every Student Succeeding Scholarship is Jaclyn Cristiano, EPHS.