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1,400 Students To Attend AP Summer Bridge

Hundreds of students new to Advanced Placement courses this upcoming school year are getting a running start on success in these rigorous classes. The AP Summer Bridge workshops at Long Beach Unified School District high schools will help students identify and strengthen the skills they need to complete and benefit from these courses. More than 1,400 students are expected to participate, most of them in August. Last year, LBUSD students took nearly 4,800 AP exams, an increase of about 1,300 over the previous year. This fall, students will fill an estimated 6,000 seats in AP courses, an AP enrollment increase of more than 3,000 during the past two years. Summer Bridge workshops are led by teachers in the general subject area of the class that students will take. For example, an AP science teacher leads workshops for students entering AP science courses. By attending workshops specific to each subject, participants can focus on strengthening reading and writing skills in those areas. Students also gain skills in time and stress management and motivational thinking. By participating in exercises and listening to students from last summer’s Bridge program who experienced success in AP coursework, participants are encouraged to meet their own potential for advanced academic work. "Many of these students have been identified as high potential students as a result of PSAT testing, yet they may not think of themselves as capable of this work," said Wendy Hayes-Ebright, Gifted and Talented Education coordinator. "We want to help them build their tenacity, to help them believe in themselves and not be discouraged by difficult work that they are capable of completing successfully." AP courses help students earn college credit while still in high school, giving them a competitive edge and saving their parents thousands of dollars on college tuition.