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Fall Brings New Faces to School Campuses

The Board of Education of the Long Beach Unified School District has approved the hiring, promotion and reassignment of 56 key administrators for the upcoming school year. Promoted to director at School for Adults was Fitzgerald Jones. He was School for Adults principal. Rosi Pedersen, School for Adults program administrator, was assistant principal, School for Adults. Seven principal promotions included Juan Gutierrez, Bixby, who was vice principal at Garfield; Jackie Myers, Holmes, was assistant director, CDC; Terri Rennard, Butler, was assistant principal, Cabrillo; Kathleen Cruz, Los Cerritos, was assistant principal, Stanford; Victor Jarels, Hi-Hill, was assistant principal, Poly; Joe Pistoia, co-principal at Wilson, was principal, Human Resource Services; and Don Keller, co-principal at Millikan, was principal, Stanford. Reassigned principals include LaShell Diggs, from Butler to Burcham; Sherryl Johnson, from Holmes to Marshall; Donna McKeehan, from Bixby to Garfield; Penny O’Toole, from Marshall to Bancroft; Deborah Stark, from Bancroft to Washington; Tom Huff, from Los Cerritos to Rogers; and Connie Jensen, from Rogers to Hamilton. Julie Nyssen, program administrator in Special Projects, was named principal at Alvarado. Karen Brinkman, co-principal at Millikan, was named program administrator, Human Resource Services. Promoted to assistant principal were Jack Sokoloff, Jefferson, was program specialist, Jefferson; Veronica Coleman, Lindbergh, was acting assistant principal, Jordan; Jesse Church IV, Poly, was teacher, Reid; Guillermo Jimenez, Millikan, was teacher, Millikan; Audra Pittman, Wilson, was teacher, Jordan; Julie Campbell-Fouch, Marshall, was teacher, Stanford; and Stephanie Jones, Hudson, was program facilitator, Bixby. Assigned as assistant principal were Mark Andreatta, from vice principal, Butler, to Bancroft; Linda Bueno-Alahwal, from administrative assistant, Human Resource Services, to Washington; Adrianne Matte, from Washington to Stanford; Merrie Lyn Shickler, from administrative assistant, Special Education, to Poly; Sophia Griffieth, Rogers, was assistant principal, Franklin; Diane Prince, Franklin, was assistant principal, Hamilton; Stewart Douglas, Hamilton, was assistant principal, Rogers; Shivaun Williams, Stephens, was vice principal, King; and Heidi Dalton-Sklarz, Stanford, was assistant principal, Marshall. Gail Brooks, who served as assistant principal/counselor at Stanford, is now assistant principal, Stanford. Promoted to vice principal were Jesus Vazquez, Garfield, was teacher, Edison; and Brian Moskovitz, Sutter, was teacher, King. Assigned as vice principal were Lawrence Clark, Jr. from assistant principal, Lindbergh, to Butler; Carol Donahue, from Willard to Willard/Stevenson; Linda Fletcher, from Muir to Grant; Matthew Hammond, from Signal Hill/Stevenson to King; Stacy Sanchez, from MacArthur/OCIPD to OCIPD/Reading First; and Wilma Ferguson, from vice principal, Barton, to Edison. Wayne Herbst, promoted to activities specialist at Avalon, was a teacher at Avalon. Gayle Mashburn, promoted to head counselor at Wilson, was a counselor at Wilson. Todd Irving was named program administrator, Jordan; he was program administrator, Reid. Joel Ward was named activities specialist at Cabrillo; he was program specialist, ROP. Pamela Seki earned promotion to program administrator, PALMS; she was assistant director, PALMS. Those reassigned to central office positions were Jill Baker, program administrator for principal training, was principal, Garfield; Kathleen Grubb, assistant director, Multi-media/Special Education, was assistant director, Multimedia; Bob Hedges, program administrator, Special Education/OCIPD, was program administrator, OCIPD; Barbara Powell, program administrator, Special Education, was program administrator, International Student Registration; Sandra Rogers, curriculum leader grades 6-8 literacy consultant, OCIPD, was consultant, OCIPD; Lauren Shaw, director, CDC/Baldrige, was director, Baldrige; Myrna Almas, program specialist, OCIPD/Human Resource Services, was program specialist, OCIPD; and Jackie Barnett, program administrator, CDC/Community Day School, was principal, Alvarado.