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Job Turnover Down; Teacher Retention Up

The job turnover of experienced teachers leaving the district to take positions in other school districts has declined to 49, down from 66 teachers four years ago. In contrast, far more teachers from other school districts—1,552 experienced teachers—applied to teach here in the last year. That’s a ratio of more than 31 experienced teacher applicants for every experienced teacher vacancy. Why are hundreds of experienced teachers seeking employment here? The top reasons given by the applicants themselves attest to the quality of the Long Beach Unified School District. Approximately eight out of 10 teacher applicants mentioned one or more of these factors in their decision to apply here: • 78 percent cited competitive teacher salaries. • 80 percent indicated the district’s strong academic focus was an important factor in seeking to teach here. • 77 percent said the district’s excellent staff development opportunities for teachers were attractive. • 79 percent indicated the district’s support for newly hired teachers was desirable. "We’re encouraged that so many excellent, experienced teachers want to work here," said Ruth Ashley, assistant superintendent of Human Resource Services. "We’re also pleased by the reasons teachers give for applying to teach here. They know this is an excellent place to teach." Last year the district hired 386 teachers; 44 percent of them were experienced teachers. This year only 199 new teachers were hired. Forty-nine percent of these new hires are experienced teachers. Ninety-seven of the 199 have more than a year of teaching experience. The school district is California’s third largest and has more than 5,000 teachers.