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Emerging Leaders Examine Lindbergh, Roosevelt Strengths

They want to learn from the best. That’s the goal of 23 outstanding emerging leaders. They have been chosen by the Broad Foundation to participate in The Broad Residency to gain national exposure to the most successful educational practices in urban schools. The talented up-and-coming graduates of the top business, law and public policy universities in the U.S. have selected two schools to visit here this week: Lindbergh Middle School and Roosevelt Elementary School. Both schools have achieved exemplary academic gains for students from low-income families. Only 5 percent of Americans with strong literacy skills live in poverty, according to the Broad Center for the Management of School Systems. Last year, Lindbergh achieved the greatest gains on the Academic Performance Index of any school in the Long Beach Unified School District, improving by 57 points. During the past two years, Lindbergh increased its enrollment in algebra I by 66 percent, compared to the districtwide increase of 26 percent. Roosevelt won the California Distinguished School Award last year for its high academic expectations and achievement above state standards. Both schools serve high percentages of students on AFDC or qualifying for free or reduced price meals, yet they have attained superior gains in student achievement. The Long Beach Unified School District earned the Broad Prize in the 2003-04 school year as America’s Best Urban Schools. The national prize recognized the narrowing of achievement gaps among various socioeconomic and ethnic groups here.