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Community Leaders Invited to be Principal for a Day

Being sent to the principal's office usually means someone's in serious trouble, but this fall, business and community leaders are being invited to go to the principal's office at some of the nation's best urban schools. The reason? Principal for a Day, the annual inside look at educational leadership in California's third largest school system, the Long Beach Unified School District.

Each guest principal at 95 local schools in Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill and Avalon will interact with students, teachers, parents and school staff. They will visit classrooms, ask questions and participate in school meetings, testing, playground supervision and other activities on campus.

Every school in the 93,000-student district will host a Principal for a Day on Thursday, November 3. Leaders who wish to apply to become Principal for a Day may contact the Long Beach Education Foundation at (562) 997-8054. Applications can be downloaded by clicking here.

Al Spain, Jet Blue Airways Corporation's senior vice president for operations, will be the special guest Superintendent for a Day, spending time learning what it takes to run America's Best Urban Schools. Jet Blue, based at New York's JFK International Airport, looks forward to becoming part of the school district's family of corporate supporters.

Following a day at the school, Principals for a Day will be hosted at a debriefing reception. District school board members, administrators, teachers and student representatives attend to hear what Principals for a Day learned as well as what recommendations they may have to improve local schools.

This program has been one of the most successful business-in-education activities of the last decade. Hundreds of business and education partnerships have gotten their start through this popular event. It is co-sponsored by the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, the Long Beach Unified School District and the Long Beach Education Foundation.

Co-chairs of this event are: Ryan Alsop, manager of government and public affairs for Long Beach Water Department; Bruce MacRae, public affairs manager for UPS; and Judy Seal, executive director of the Long Beach Education Foundation. To sign up or to become a co-sponsor, please contact Judy Seal at (562) 997-8054.