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CSULB Offers First Education Doctorate

California State University, Long Beach announced this week that it will be one of the first campuses in the CSU system to offer the independent doctorate of education degree. Until Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 724 in September, state universities were only able to offer joint doctoral degrees in cooperation with private universities or the University of California. "This is a historic day for our university and for the CSU," said CSULB President F. King Alexander. "Today our public universities must address the increasing societal demands for high quality and affordable advanced graduate education. We are excited to be able to collaborate with our public school superintendents and community college presidents to develop a doctoral program that will address these important educational needs." "This is the best news from Cal State since Presidential Scholars," said Chris Steinhauser, superintendent of schools. "Dr. Alexander and the CSU system are taking the university to a higher level. This major development directly benefits our schools and students. CSULB has an excellent record of success to build upon. Producing the best-prepared school leaders is only a logical extension of producing the best-prepared teachers." Long Beach Unified School District hopes to recruit the brightest and best of the new Long Beach doctoral candidates. Demand for doctoral training for administrative leaders for K-12 schools and higher education leaders has far exceeded the state’s ability to provide it. California has fallen significantly behind the rest of the nation in awarding education doctorates, with one Ed.D. awarded for every 14,700 students in this state, compared to one for every 9,400 students nationwide. CSULB will offer the Ed.D. for about one-fifth the average cost of earning it through most private institutions. The new doctoral program will begin in fall 2007.