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U.S. Team Visits Lindbergh, Edison, Roosevelt

In its continuing efforts to share what is working best in America’s Best Urban Schools, the Broad Foundation is sending teams to visit exemplary turnaround schools in the Long Beach Unified School District today, March 24, and Thursday, April 6. They will study successful instruction at Lindbergh Middle School and at Roosevelt and Edison elementary schools. Today’s visit to Lindbergh and Roosevelt involves 22 Broad Residents, a group of future school superintendents from throughout the U.S. preparing to address the problems facing large urban school systems. These resident scholars come from diverse backgrounds. They include school district leaders who have served in high ranking private sector, military and other leadership positions. They’re here looking into successful curriculum and instruction and studying what leaders are doing to assure sound educational practices that can be used in other school systems. They will take instructional walk-throughs to assess the quality of instruction and will interview teachers about what works best in their classrooms. On April 6, a team of five representatives from the Eli Broad Foundation and the National Center for Educational Accountability (NCEA) and a photojournalist will visit Lindbergh and Edison Elementary School as part of a retroactive study of national Broad Prize winners. Lindbergh is one of the few middle schools in the U.S. to have a Broad team visit two years in a row. Evaluators were so impressed last year that they wanted to return to see what additional gains have taken place since then. "Your continued work toward academic excellence for all students is of interest to us as we share best practices of top urban school systems in the country with other districts, education leaders and policymakers," said Dr. Heather Zavadsky, NCEA project director. LBUSD schools will be featured in a brochure and in presentations to help educators and policymakers understand the challenges and successes of large urban school districts. These schools serve high percentages of students on AFDC yet they have attained superior gains in student achievement. Roosevelt is a California Distinguished School, and Lindbergh has achieved some of the greatest gains of all district schools on the state Academic Performance Index (API), winning the SAGA and GEAR UP School on the Move Award. Edison is a 2005 Title I Achieving School and a 2006 California Distinguished School finalist.