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Carver Third Graders Master the Stock Market

Students from Carver Elementary School, Stephens Middle School and Millikan High School won first place in the Long Beach Press-Telegram’s annual Stock Market Game. More than 100 teams from local schools competed for a first place prize of $250. Part of the Press-Telegram’s Newspaper in Education project, the game allots teams $10,000 in pretend money and allows eight weeks to invest it and track the stocks. The Carver third graders, led by teacher Jeana Luzzi, not only beat all other classes in grades 3-5, but also surpassed the earnings totals for teams in grades 6-8 and 9-12. "It was the kids who chose," Luzzi told the Press-Telegram. "If I would have had to choose, we would have lost. I think adults worry a lot more than children do." The Carver students, who charted various stocks for three weeks before selecting top performers, earned a 40 percent return on their $10,000 investment for the eight-week period. Stephens teacher Soraya Powell and her eighth grade class won in their category. Millikan teacher Annetta Leone’s 11th and 12th grade ROP financial sales and services class took first place in the grade 9-12 category. Another one of Leone’s classes earned third place. Other local winners included teacher Doug Heath’s fourth grade class at Cubberley (second place), Luke Serviss’ fourth grade class at Tincher (third place), Jean Davis’ eighth grade class at Newcomb (second place) and Jill Heth’s eighth grade class at Stanford (third place).