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Jann Jeffrey Named 2006 Nurse of the Year

Jann Jeffrey, school nurse at Henry, has been named 2006 School Nurse of the Year by the Long Beach School Nurse Association. She originally trained and worked in intensive care/critical care nursing for many years before becoming a school nurse nine years ago. "One thing I enjoy about school nursing is that it uses so many of the nursing skills that I’ve acquired throughout my career," Jeffrey said. "It’s not only taking care of the students at my school, but often helping their family members and others who come in." Working with the school community worker, Jeffrey has provided exemplary parent education programs. She coordinated with Nutrition Services to meet with parents to promote healthy food choices and cooking methods. With her special education students, she has promoted greater parental involvement in medical and educational decisions. The high regard in which staff members and students hold her is reflected in the many heartfelt nominations that they submitted for this honor. There’s even a classroom snake named Ruby who owes a debt of gratitude to Jeffrey. The reptile had become entangled in tape and the teacher was concerned that simply pulling it off might traumatize the snake, perhaps killing it. "So we spent our lunchtime with vegetable oil and Q-tips and gently got it all off," said Jeffrey. "That was four years ago, and Ruby is still going strong."