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Millikan High Hosts AP Summer Institute

More than 250 teachers from district schools and schools across the country and overseas converged on Millikan High School last week to take part in training to make themselves better teachers of Advanced Placement classes. Long Beach Unified School District hosted the AP Summer Institute, a weeklong program of workshops for teachers. The gathering also offered teachers the opportunity for valuable informal exchanges. "At a lot of schools, you might be the only one on staff teaching certain AP subjects, so you don’t have a way to collaborate," said Wendy Hayes Ebright, LBUSD coordinator of Gifted and Talented Education and organizer of the Summer Institute. "Here, those teachers meet lots of others teaching the subject, and they can talk the talk of their discipline at an entirely different level." While many participants are LBUSD teachers, some came from North Carolina, Washington, Mexico City and Shanghai. Two years ago, LBUSD held a summer institute just for district teachers, offering workshops in five subjects. This year, the institute was sanctioned by The College Board, which administers AP tests. The recent sessions offered professional development in 16 AP subjects.