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Late Registration Starts August 24 for New Students

Last-minute pre-registration for students new to the Long Beach Unified School District will begin August 24. Most students already registered during the spring. While most traditional-calendar schools here begin classes Wednesday, September 6, several year-round schools begin tracks on September 5. Pre-registration of students new to the district is done on a first-come, first-served basis at each school. Schools and school offices will be closed Monday, August 28 in observance of Admission Day, a state holiday. Most schools still have a few openings. If classes fill up at a neighborhood school, parents will be advised of the options available for their children to attend other schools in the district. To be eligible to enroll in kindergarten, children must be at least five years old by December 2, according to state law. Each school provides a registration packet with the required forms. An immunization record and proof of residency (current utility bill with name and address) are required. In kindergarten, a birth certificate is required. Schools can provide assistance in obtaining a birth certificate if it has been lost. For more information, contact your local school. To find your local school, visit the school finder web page. Proof of tuberculosis test results and records of all state-required immunizations against nine other childhood diseases are required for all kindergartners and other students new to the Long Beach Unified School District. Free immunizations are available for those who do not have health insurance from the Long Beach Health Department. For information, call 570-4221. Free and low-cost immunizations are also available at the Student Health Center operated by the Long Beach Unified School District. Call 437-8871 for information.