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Grant to Boost College Readiness

The Long Beach Unified School District has won a $2.9 million U.S. Department of Education Magnet School Grant that will boost career and college readiness at Dooley Elementary School, Lindsey Middle School, and Jordan and Poly high schools. Existing magnet programs at Poly and Jordan will receive upgraded technology and additional teacher training. At Poly’s Pacific Rim Academy, the 150-student program in grades ten to 12 will expand to ninth grade and accommodate another 50 students. Jordan’s International Baccalaureate diploma program will expand at the main campus and at the Jordan Freshman Academy. International Baccalaureate diplomas are honored at the best universities in the world as indicative of outstanding academic training. The new grant also will bring International Baccalaureate programs to Dooley and Lindsey schools. “The idea is that students can now start the IB program in kindergarten and continue until they’re seniors,” said Angela Marcano, LBUSD Magnet Programs Administrator. The initial one-year grant of $2.9 million is likely to be renewed for a total of up to $8 million over the next three years. Implementation begins this year.
EARLY PREP FOR COLLEGE: These Dooley Elementary School students are among hundreds who will benefit from a grant to boost college readiness, starting as early as kindergarten.