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Assistance League Boosts Uniform Aid

The non-profit Assistance League and its signature program, Operation School Bell, is providing uniforms for the entire student populations of International, Lindsey and Edison schools this fall. More than 2,500 youngsters will receive uniforms by the end of the month. Each student receives two white polo shirts, two pairs of black or navy pants and a black or navy sweatshirt. Also among the recipients this fall is the entire sixth grade class at Franklin Classical Middle School. The entire Franklin student population received uniforms from the Assistance League last year. The goal is to provide uniforms for 5,700 students this school year, and 10,000 uniforms by 2010, said Sandra French, president of the Assistance League of Long Beach. The International and Edison uniforms will be packed by volunteers on National Make a Difference Day on Saturday, Oct. 27. Volunteers will include more than 75 high school girls who belong to the Assistance League’s Assisteens auxiliary. The volunteers will pack the uniforms into a new backpack for each child, complete with personalized luggage tags imprinted with students’ names. “We’ll be packaging uniforms for more than 1,700 students in just one day,” French said. “That certainly should make a difference in someone’s life.” Make a Difference Day, the largest national day of helping others, is held in partnership with the Points of Light Foundation and is supported by actor Paul Newman’s charity foundation. The Assistance League and another of its auxiliaries, Rickrackers, have been long-time supporters of the Long Beach Unified School District’s nationally recognized school uniform effort.