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National Honors for

The Long Beach Unified School District’s website and a recent series of community newsletters produced by the district have won top state and national honors. Both recently earned the Award of Excellence, the highest honor from both the California School Public Relations Association and the National School Public Relations Association. A redesign of the website,, was launched last fall. The state and national awards are firsts for LBUSD’s website, which now attracts more than 12,000 daily visitors who view millions of pages annually. The other winning entry, a series of six publications called "Every Student, Every Day," was distributed this year as an insert in the School News Roll Call newspaper. The publication highlighted districtwide initiatives and successes. Both winning projects are part of the school district’s Strategic Plan, which includes efforts to improve communication districtwide. The national contest attracted 107 entries in the website category. Only four received the top honor, the Award of Excellence. The publications category attracted 895 national entries, with 76 earning the Award of Excellence. Entries in the state contest were judged by members of the New York School Public Relations Association, who gave both projects scores of 100 out of a possible 100 points.