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Schools Increase Scores on State Tests

About 90 percent of schools here showed growth on the state Academic Peformance Index, according to recently released results from the California Department of Education. Cleveland Elementary showed the largest API score gains (65 points) among all schools in the district, and joined the “800 Club” with a new API score of 834. Other schools with large gains include Carver, 51 points; Burroughs, 44; Avalon, 40; Holmes, 39; Tincher, 35; Barton, 33; Chavez, 33; Henry, 33; Prisk, 33; Washington, 32; DeMille, 30; International, 28; Rogers, 28; Franklin, 27; Hamilton, 27; King, 27; Burcham, 26; Cabrillo, 26; Emerson, 24; Lindbergh, 23; Mann, 23; Millikan, 23; Monroe, 23; Bancroft, 22; Fremont, 22; Renaissance, 21; and CAMS, 20. Four schools surpassed an API score of 800, including Henry at 818, Mann at 812, Bancroft at 813, and Hill at 812. With these new additions to the “800 Club,” approximately one-third of LBUSD schools are now at or above the 800 API score target. The index scores given to each school range from 200 to 1,000, and 800 is the performance target set by the state. Results were not yet available for Long Beach’s 20 year-round schools, which administer tests later. The latest results confirm that schools here continue to close achievement gaps – a key reason why the Long Beach Unified School District is again nominated for the national Broad Prize for Urban Education to be awarded in October.