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More Students Earn AP Credit

Significantly more students took rigorous Advanced Placement college preparatory classes in 2008 and passed AP exams, according to the latest enrollment numbers and test results from the Long Beach Unified School District. In the 2007-08 school year, 4,305 students took at least one AP course, an increase of 394 students compared to the previous year. At the same time, the number of AP tests passed rose to 3,114 over the same period, a significant increase of about 5 percent. The number of local students in AP courses has increased by more than 66 percent since 2003. “This is a remarkable achievement,” said Superintendent Chris Steinhauser. The school district has implemented a concerted effort to prepare more students for success in college and beyond. Further expansion of AP enrollment is planned as part of an Academic and Career Success Initiative recently approved by the Board of Education. AP courses help to prepare students for the rigors of college while allowing them to earn university and college credit. The classes help parents to save thousands of dollars on tuition. Long Beach Unified was one of the first school districts to pay for and require students to take the PSAT exam in tenth grade, helping to identify more students who have the potential to attend college. The school district provides AP Summer Bridge workshops for hundreds of students new to Advanced Placement courses. Long Beach also provides a College-Board-sanctioned Advanced Placement Summer Institute that attracts more than 250 teachers who receive training in how to teach AP classes.