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Berkeley, Stanford Report Lauds LBUSD

A recent report by UC Berkeley-based Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) praises the Long Beach Unified School District for its effective, systematic efforts to boost student performance. “The Long Beach Unified School District is nationally recognized for its systematic use of data to improve district operations and improve student achievement,” states the report, “Learning What Works: Continuous Improvement in California’s Education System.” The report notes that the school district has developed an innovative Academic Data Browser. This intranet accessible system allows schools and teachers to access a variety of data on students, including attendance, grades and test scores. The availability of this student information helps schools place students in appropriate classes. The system also allows schools to identify trends or challenges related to student achievement. Another example of Long Beach’s effective use of data is the district’s recent creation and implementation of a Saturday school program for English learners, the report states. Designed to improve language skills, this program was created as a direct response to data showing a need for improvement in this area. PACE was founded in 1983 as a cooperative venture between Stanford University and the University of California (Berkeley and Davis). It is an independent policy research center whose primary aim is to enrich education policy debate with sound analysis and hard evidence. PACE provides assistance to California policymakers, education professionals and the general public.