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Rotary Gift Grows To 145,000 New Books

Long Beach Rotary raised approximately $32,500 in donations and matching funds to help local school libraries during the club’s regular meeting last month.

Poly High School alumnus Frank Newell, past president of Long Beach Rotary, obtained more than $17,500 in donations from Rotary members in about 10 minutes during his annual fundraiser aboard the Queen Mary. Private foundations will provide an additional $15,000 in matching funds.

Twelve elementary school libraries and three local non-profit literacy programs will receive the generous gift of books: Addams, Barton, Chavez, Edison, Grant, Harte, Lafayette, Muir, Powell, Roosevelt, Stevenson and Willard schools, and the Cambodian Association, Long Beach Day Nursery and the Long Beach Library Foundation.

These funds will buy about 15,000 more books for the local school libraries this year. Rotary’s generous donations have provided more than 145,000 books to local school libraries since 1998.