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Menus & Nutrient Information

School Meals are planned by the Nutrition Services management team under the guidance of registered dietitians on staff. Menus meet the requirements of the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs as set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

On December 13, 2010 the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was signed into law. This law aims to improve child nutrition by making changes to the National School Lunch and Breakfast program guidelines starting with the 2012-13 school year. Grade-level specific changes include:

  • Minimum Targets for Servings of Grain
  • Minimum Targets for Serving s of Meat/Meat Alternate
  • Increasing Fruit
  • Increase Vegetables
  • Increasing Whole Grains
  • Minimum and Maximum Dietary Specifications (Calories, Saturated Fat, and Sodium)

Long Beach Unified School District uses the required food based menu planning system to plan all meals. Our menus include a healthy variety of fresh fruit, new and fresh vegetables, homemade entrees, and whole grains.

Offer versus Serve

Under the offer versus serve provision, schools must offer students a sufficient number and variety of food groups to meet established menu requirements. Although students may decline any item, at lunch they must choose a minimum of three food groups and a fruit or vegetable. As parents, you are encouraged to review menus with your students, in advance, to assist them in making choices from the menu items offered in the school cafeteria.

Nutritional Information

Nutrient information (carbohydrates, calories, sodium, fiber, protein, fat) for all menu items may be found in the Nutrient Information Table.

Allergy information for all menu items may be found in the Allergy Information Table.

School Menus

School menus are organized by grade level and meal.


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Specialty Menus

Special Diets for children with special needs and allergies.

Diet Modifications for Religious or Personal Preferences, Including Vegetarian
The Nutrition Services Branch offers a variety of menu items daily through the District’s school cafeterias.  The “offer versus serve” method of service allows students to make their food selections from the variety of foods offered.  Menu items containing pork are marked on the menu. This can assist parents in advising their child in making food selections in the cafeteria.  Meatless options are available throughout the month.  Yogurt and house-made granola is available daily.  Other options include grilled cheese sandwich, macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, bean and cheese burrito, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich..

Field Trip Lunches
Field trip lunches are those lunches that are picked up by a school or charter bus from the Production Center.  They are prepared by the Production Center staff.  When students are going on a walking field trip or on a city bus, the participating teacher may order site prep sack lunches directly from the cafeteria supervisor.

Pizza Parties in the Classroom (Flyer)
Planning a class pizza party?  Do you want to save time and money? Nutrition Services offers a complete meal, including milk, fruit and vegetables from the daily menu to compliment our special Party Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza.  See the Nutrition Services Supervisor in your site cafeteria for details.

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